I had my car towed to the Waldorf Cottman for evaluation on Thursday 2/9/12 ; it would not start and the transmission would not come out of park. Thw tow truck driver was able to release the transmission, so the starting was the only problem when the car arrived at the center.

A week later I had no news, and the owner/manager there info me on two occasion that he would call me but failed to do so. I decided to go to the shop in person, at which time I was told they have to do an evaluation on the motor to see what the problem is (8 days after the car has been there, they still need to evaluate). The next day, he proposed they try a new distributor, but that he was having trouble finding one (I checked with two places that each had them readily available in both new and refurbished formats. One that had them, Napa Auto, is a few doors down from Cottmans).

The price he quoted me was over 100% mark up from the vendor price he would have paid for the part... and he wanted me to pay for the experiment even if it wasn't the fix. At that point I informed them to leave the car alone and I will have it towed to another garage...

where the real problem was diagnosed within 45min of arrival! I nor anyone I know will EVER see the inside of a Cottmans again!

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I had the same problem withthe waldorf MD cottman shop. it took him three week to fix a my car then i was over charged and now disbuting the charges.


The complaint about the markup on the part is insane. First off how much of a markup do you thing McDondalds put on their hamburger patties?

If you want to buy your own parts then you should be able to fix your own vehicle. As for the time it took to evaluate your vehicle, I can see your frustration.

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