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I took my 2007 Honda in for a transmission leak. They told me BOTH the transaxle seals need to be replaced.

I wondered what was the chance of both the seals being bad on a car that new but took their word for it an told them to replace them. They charged me $495 to replace the seals. A couple of weeks later I noticed I had a leak again. When I took it back not only did they say it wasn't the same issue they said they couldn't tell me where it was leaking from and they would have to drop the transmission to figure it out.

They told me this would cost $500 and if I decided to have them fix it the $500 would go towards the repairs. I decided to take it to another shop for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd shop found that one of the seals Cottman replaced was leaking.

They replaced the seal for $90. It's been 3 months now and I have I have had no issues with leaks since the 2nd shop made the repairs.

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Where is the second shop

Syracuse, New York, United States #616871

Honda's require a very special synthetic transmission fluid. Is it possible that an incompatible fluid at some time had been added to the transmission?

That could possibly damage all of the seals.There's a lot of labor involved in replacing a transaxle seal. The mechanic has to pull the wheel, all of the brake components, axle nut, balljoint @ steering knuckle, (sometimes the outer tie rod end too @ steering knuckle), and the half shaft.

That's just to get access to the seal. While $247.50 per seal seems steep, I'd say that $90 per seal is dirt cheap.

You would do well to stick to the independent repair shops and avoid all of the chains.

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