Installed the wrong clutch in my car. I found that out later when the one they installed failed. I was supposed to get the "upgraded" version but got hosed because they are incompetent and didn't check what they were installing.

Upon bringing this to Troy's attention he was VERY unprofessional and lied about the initial conversation we had regarding my car. He has no IDEA what he is talking about and should not be working at a shop in his position.

Long story short I got some of my money back but was not happy at all. Their so called techs working on the cars are pretty clueless as well. If you want honest service and managers who have a clue and aren't ***, do not bring ANYTHING to this place.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I have used Cottman Transmission - Des Moines for over 2 years and have been pleased with both the service and the professionalism of the shop. Any diagnostics or repairs done to my vehicles have been "spot on" and reasonably priced.

Troy and Dan are both honest and fair.

The mechanics are talented and quality. I would recommend them to anyone for honest, quality service.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #194774

This problem was resolved and the customer was refunded an amount much greater than the difference of the two kits even though it was out of warranty, and had not failed. This was done over 2 months ago!

This customer not only accepted and spend the refund, he also signed a release agreeing that the check he was given was full and fair compensation for this problem. Our premium supplier did indeed ship the wrong part, and agreed to refund him the difference. He negotiated the amount of the refund, and we paid it even though the clutch did not fail, and was removed from the car.

I am not sure how much fairer I can be. I guess if you do not want a shop to be hoenst and open, then you should not shop with us.

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